who we are

SeTs is a limited company founded in 2008 and works in the area of digital wall arts and wooden accessories.
Art works at SeTs are Unique from all aspects ; they are produced not only to produce a painting but also to be a representative of modern art preserving its elegancy and uniqueness.

We at SeTs beleive that artistic paintings are coming to stage to enrich modern painting lovers with a unique art.

Vision & Mission

Creativity is inseparable from Quality at SeTs, SeTs art products are printed on high quality wooden frames and protected with a coat that maintains long lasting quality.

Customizataion service by designing art works according to your preferred color theme and size gives our customer the freedom to creat whatever line they need thus our digital modern paintings are creative, up to your style and colors and will always be as Elegant and new as the first day you got them.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers and inspire them by offering a variety of artistic products and also aims to be a pioneer retailer of the digital wall art  and wooden accessories in Egypt and the Gulf.